Our great cooks “dance” around their pots and prepare amazing home-cooked dishes. The meals are usually accompanied by homemade herbal tea, and the host never forgets to offer you their homemade plum brandy. The result is a harmony of flavors and a blend of pleasant aromas that will stay with you even after you return home. Here are some culinary delights that we highly recommend.

Rolls from Sfânta Elena

The tradition and pride of the inhabitants of Sfânta Elena are rolls made from sweet yeast dough which are usually baked for weddings and other festive occasions. When visiting Sfânta Elena, be sure to ask your host to bake these for you. If you fall in love with them, you can easily prepare them at home, too!

You can find the recipe in one of the episodes of the popular Czech cooking TV show Kluci v akci filmed in Banat.

Buchty ve třech županech
Buchty ve třech županech jsou místní specialitou...

The bakery in Gârnic

Treats from the local baker Josef Nedvěd in Gârnic are always delicious. He prepares his food in using a bread oven heated by beech wood and because of his talent with cooking, fish from the Danube as well as potato wedges and pork taste simply divine. And of course, as a digestive, we recommend local plum vodka afterwards.

Buns with three different fillings

Buns filled with cottage cheese, plum jam or poppy seeds are not specific to Banat. However, combing all these fillings together is. And cooks in Banat do just this. Delicious!


“Sarma” or “sarmale” in historical regions in Romania is dish is very throughout the Carpathian Mountains. The base of this dish consisted of minced meat, prepared with onions, salt and pepper, all artfully wrapped together in a cabbage leaf. The wrap is then steamed and served with thick whipped cream and white bread. Each family has a slightly different recipe for this delicacy, don't hesitate to test and compare the sarmale when visiting different villages.

Miţi or ćevapčići

Perhaps the most popular dish for Romanian parties or really any celebration that features a roaring fire, cold beer and Balkan music is ćevapčići. Formed from several types of minced meat packed into tidy sausage-like rolls, ćevapčići are then roasted on a spit over a fire.

Banátské jídlo

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