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6 very different villages

Out of the original settlement where people immigrated after 1823, six villages in Romanian Banat have survived to this day. Each village is different and each one has its own charm. They were founded by colonists from different regions who brought their different customs, dress, and dialects with them.

Tourists feel
at home here

We are farmers, and we have been farming the soil here since we were kids, just like our grandfathers taught us. The children left, so we’ve modified several rooms in our building for tourists. We cook honest home-cooked meals for them and serve them homemade brandy. We want them to feel at home and feel welcome to come to visit us again.

Mr. and Mrs. Mašek, Gârnic

The best day trips around Banat

There are wonderful walking and cycling paths in the surrounding Czech villages. The villages are connected by marked trails that lead to the most attractive places. And we’ll bring you to a selection of the best ones. Tips for trips

What’s happening in Banat

Whether it's annual festivals or just celebrations, there's always something going on in Banat.

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